April 10th, 2004


Reducing image quality in photoshop

I'm so sorry if this is in the memories but i've searched and I can't seem to find anything about lowering image quality in photoshop. I made a friends only banner that I want to upload to a journal but the file size is way over 250k (yea it has a lot of blending effects and such) and photobucket distorts it. How can I decrease the image size so it uploads properly? Or even better, is there another site that doesn't have image restrictions, photobucket has been my main source for quite a while and I can't seem to find another good one.
thanks for any help!
xox [J]ess
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Icon Tut

Hello! I was an IDIOT and decided to make an icon tutorial today. It took me all day. Had no idea it would take that long. Regardless, now it's finished, and I hope maybe it'll give someone some ideas. It's for Photoshop 7.0, and the main gist of it is exploring Levels and Curves, my new favorite tools.

The tutorial!
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Alrite then. I've looked at the tutorials, and none of them have worked for me...and i figured out why. I have PSP6 :( ugh. SO, it would be so very helpful if someone could help me out with making parts of icons transparent with PSP6! thanks!