April 11th, 2004


How do I get my text to like fade back into the first fram without going over 40k?Like this one?(made by evilrubberduck)

I use Jasc Paint hop pro 8 and Animation shop 3

Thank you in advance!
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i realize how many tutorials there are on animation icons.. however, i am still stuck on where to find the animations! i'm looking for music videos in particular.. if anyone can tell me, i'd love ya ;D
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Can someone tell me how to get the effect of the text (sundel77) in this icon, ? Also like this ? Is it just lowering the opacity of the layer with the words? Or is it something else? Thanks guys! :)

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there's this great icon:
that has this effect with the text i really like. i asked the person who made it, rainu how she did it but she never responded.

if anyone can lead me to a tutorial with this or can tell me, it would be much appreciated. thanks!!!

[edit] so sorry about not letting people know what system i use...which is psp7 [/edit]

cropping vs selecting & borders on seperate layers

memento1's recent icon tutorial brought up a couple of things I've always wondered about. First of all, doing a border on a seperate layer. I keep seeing this in tutorials. When I do an icon, once I'm happy with it, I merge (or merge visible..whatever i need) and then do a border using select, stroke etc on that one image. Is this any different to doing the border on a seperate layer? Is one better than the other?

Second, cropping. If I just want part of a pic, I'll open up with a new image 100x100, then on the origianl image, i'll do the box select on which part i want, then just copy the layer to the new pic. Now what I'm wondering, is cropping better? Artistically, I mean. What are the pros to cropping vs selecting? I've wondered about htese 2 things for ages, and I'm hoping someone can enlighten me.