April 12th, 2004

The Joker

I have a problem with Image Ready.. :(

Hello :D I hope some of you are able to help me with this problem :)

I'm trying to make an icon where the text changes with motion blur etc. So I've made all the layers in Photoshop 7.0 and I saved the file as .psd. So far so good.

I opened the file in Image Ready 7.0. I sorted out the layers and it all seemed fine. Until I wanted to preview the animation. I always preview animations in Internet Explorer, but this time I got the message "Because JPEG, PNG and WBNP do not support animation, ImageReady will save only the currently selected frame".

But my file is not JPEG, PNG or WBNP, its PSD. :P

And when I try to save the file ("Save optimized as"), I'm only allowed to save it as HTML and images (*.html), Images only (*.JPG), or HTML only (*.HTML). GIF is not an option.

What have I done wrong? And what do I do now? :)

Thanks in advance ;)
Math Dyslexia

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me how to use templates on Ulead Gifbuilder? I don't know if anyone uses it other than me, but its on the computer and its free and I'd love to use it. :)
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hermione >> me

What font is this?

Recently in icons, I've seen the same font used, but I don't know which font it is.

The font in this icon by mellytone, the font that says 'section' and 'of thingy' : , </span>

beatkicks :

I think the font is the same one, or similar, but what is it??

Thanx in advance. x-x

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