April 13th, 2004

Crediting question

I know that to properly credit, you put the creator's name in the keywords, etc, etc...

Although I wanted to do like...new keywords for mine, so that I could actually tell which is which, cause I'm really anal about labeling things...

So I was wondering...would it be acceptable if I modified all the icons that I'm currently using, so that at the...bottom, right-hand side of every icon, it has the name of their creator -on- -the- -icon-? That way, I have lots more room in the keywords, -and- it kinda guarantees that everyone knows who created it without having to look it up...

twilight: bella/edward magic

Templates in PSP8

Okay, I'm going insane, I really am. I've looked through all the tutorials/memories and I'm getting nowhere. For some reason what I'm doing doesnt seem to relate to what is written on the screen in this journal. I can't get parts of my templates transparent - I'll do the Set/View Palette Transparency thing - paste it on top of the image I want poking through and I'll have my green template dumped on top of it. Or - if I'm lucky - the wrong bit will be transparent. Please ... someone tell me what I'm doing wrong.

Any response here/MSN - mj_113@hotmail.com/AIM - shellie0055 will be so greatly appreciated.

(no subject)

I can't figure out how to make .abr brushes work in PSP 8. I read something in the memories, but I don't know where the JPG part of it is. I want to use a brush from prettybrush, if that information is necessary.