April 14th, 2004


photoshop freezes

Hi! This isnt really an icon question, so I hope its allowed, but I have a problem. For some reason, the other night, my Photoshop has been freezing anytime I try to go to the "stroke" effect. Or any other effect in that menu. It has always worked before but now it freezes everytime I try. Ive ran virus scans and other check ups and nothing has fixed the problem. Anyone know what I can do? Thanks.
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(no subject)

I couldn't find anything on this in the memories... is there any way to open dvd files in Virtual Dub? Or if there isn't, are there any other ways of capping dvd files frame by frame?
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(no subject)

As I can't download the crack brushes on prettybrush as they are ABR without image packs, I was wondering if there were any free sites with cracked brushes like on prettybrush that can be used for PSP 8?
Thanks much.

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This isn't really an icon question, just more of a PSP8 question.

You know how you can use the keyboard to do Ctrl commands? Like pressing Ctrl+O to open something, or Ctrl+C to copy? I used to be able to do that, but now I can't. It might seem dumb or petty, but it's really annoying. I can do it everywhere else but PSP8. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer my question.

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im trying to open my britney spears "everytime"
in animation shop 3 .. it works fine in
but when i right click on it, and hit open
with, and chose animation shop 3 from the drop-
down menu, either,

1) nothing happens
2) it freezes
3) it starts to load, and then
it says it cannot open

does anyone know how to open it in animation shop 3
without this problem?

i`m trying to make a mini movie icon
and i want it to come out better
then the one i`m using now.
because i used screen caps
with this one, instead of taking
frames out each by each in
animation shop 3

(no subject)

hey everyone! im trying to make screencaps off of a windows media player video, and i press the Print Screen button, then paste into photoshop. But theres a problem, it gives me a whole screenshot. am i doing something wrong? ive looked through the memories and i cant seem to find anything. help is appreciated!
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Wind effects?

Hello. I searched the tutorials for this and didn't find anything. I hope I'm not duplicating something due to blindness. ;)

My question is: Is there any other nifty way to get a wind effect that does not involve the built-in wind filter in PS7? I'm not a big fan of the way that filter looks, and I've seen lots of artwork that have better wind effects, clear in the background and such.

I'd really appreciate help with regard to this. Thanks!
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OK, so I'm completely daft and Photoshop seems to be doing everything possible to make my life horrid. How do I make a straight line in Photoshop 6?? I use the "Line Tool" to make a nice design for a template/border, but when I paste it onto my icon, it's not the colour I want, but looks more like I just highlighted the picture (you know, it goes all colourful). Obviously the "paintbrush tool" isn't going to help if one has a shaky hand and the corners go all jagged...

I've been looking around memories for ever and I can't find anything as basic as that... please help! :)
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