April 15th, 2004

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Text, Photoshop7

Hi, I'm having a problem with my text in Photoshop 7. When I open a picture, resize it to 100x100 (for icon making) and then I want to add text in it, the text is so small, I tried adjusting the text to the highest 72pt, and it is still small, so I set the text to @ least 500pts, is this ok?
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Script fonts for really small text

Struggling with a certain icon (nothing fancy, just Anthony Hopkins pretending to be Spanish, with a gilded border), I've realized that I've precious few script fonts that look good at small sizes.

So far I've found that Aquiline looks decent and small enough at size 11, and Lyonesse surprised me by being almost readable (except for certain letter combinations) at size 7 of all things. Corabael's readable at size 8, but none of them is a true script font with connected letters.

Does anyone know any script fonts with connected letters that look good at small sizes? Pixel script fonts, perhaps?
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(no subject)

Hey i have Paint shop Pro 8 and i was wondering how i could put new brushes onto it? Also i was wondering what i would download to make the cool sparkling designs on the back of the icons that say ur name? Im in deprete need of help.. Does anyone know where to get celebrity gifs?
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DVD Capturing

Hey all. Long time lurker. Have a quick question. I use REALmagic for my DVD player on my computer, but it won't let me screen capture certain DVDs. Is there any way around this short of using another program? The DVD in question is Kill Bill Vol.1 if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance
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