April 17th, 2004


Moving Frame-By-Frame in WMP

Okay, I read some tutorials on screencapping in WMP, and I want to make a mini-movie icon of a scene in "Degrassi: The Next Generation", episode 315, "Accidents Will Happen part 2."

I know how to screencap in Windows Media Player, but I cannot figure out how to move one frame over.

I have Windows Media Player version 9.00 something. I also have QuickTime, but I can't figure out how to open the video (a .wmv file) in there. It says that it's not a movie file or something.

If it's impossible to move one frame over in WMP, then can someone please tell me how to open the .wmv file in Animation Shop 3? I've tried saving it as a .mpg, .mov, lots of different filenames, but nothing seems to work.

(And very sorry if this was covered in a tutorial that I missed.)
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(no subject)

Templates...Can/Will anyone be kind enough to tell me how to use them? For example, if I had this teplate . How do you het the picture you want only in the squares? Ive seen people make it so like the 4 rectangles will show the picture, and the outside, and the lines don't.
I use PSP.
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(no subject)

Can you make diagonal blinds without a brush? Because I want diagonal lines for this banner...not an icon. And I think I heard someone say there is a way with PSP 8 that you can make diagonal lines without a brush. I tried making the lines with a brush by repeating it over and over, but it ended up looking messy.

Sorry if this has been asked before.

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Finding Particular Font, name unknown

Does anyone know the name of the font that's used in the sims? I don't meant the font for the name logo, I mean the font that they use in the actual game. I did a search for sims font, but i kept getting the font they use in the main logo....

I wanted to do a sims icon, but I can't find the font :-(

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(no subject)

I would like to make a mini-movie-icon-thingie. Yeah, we all can tell how successful this will be!

Anyways .. it is for a music video, which i usually play on Winamp, RealPlayer, etc.

Wondering how i could get frames/caps -- to use to make a mini-movie-icon-thingie.

Is there a special program i should get to make my life easier?

Any help would be great!

I use Photoshop and for the first time in my life, will be attempting to use Image Ready.