April 18th, 2004

Killing Flies

Image Positioning Tutorial

One of the main keys in making icons is positioning images. Alot of people are fantastic at it, some arent so good... but one of the big questions is how exactly do do position an image in an icon? What are the basic rules you ought to follow in order to ensure it looks best?

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I'm also throwing open the floor to anyone else who's got suggestions on image positioning - I know this cant be the only method people use, so come on... what's your method?

Knitters Anonymous (by hookers__)

PSP 8 tools

I downloaded PSP8 the other day and I'm having trouble locating a lot of the tools and menus. I look in the PSP help center, but it seems my version of PSP8 is not the same as the one used in the help menu. For instance: I don't have a color menu, instead, my increase/decrease color depth are on the image menu. My question is, where can I find a help menu that coincides with PSP8? Also, where is my magic wand tool? It is not on my toolbar.

Text in PSP8

OK, it seems that people who make icons on PSP8 and Animation Shop sometimes have *fancy* text I guess you could say on their icons, but it seems like the text selection on my PSP8 and Animation Shop is very limited, with very un-fancy text. Could someone explain to me why it's like this or if there's something i could do to get a larger text selection? I've looked through the memories, and I couldn't really find anything. If you could help, it would be greatly appreciated!;)
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who did this? credit-let me know!

Capture movie problem

I'm using the PSP7 to capture the image of movie.. I'm using F12 to capture the image and multiply choice.. But when I'm capture the image and it came out as black but only play as movie when it is playing.. If it is not playing then it is not showing up.. I don't know how to capture the image properly.. Please help me so badly.. I need it to make the icon because I can't make a icon that is "Something's Gotta Give" ...
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Powerdvd Screen Caps HELP!

For some reason my powerdvd settings are all messed up and i'm unable to make screen caps now. I've looked EVERY where to find directions of what to set but most aren't my version. I don't have the capture set up button. I need someone to please try and help me. What do my
settings need to be on? I know it works because i've done it before as most know if you've seen my icons. I want to make more mini movie icons but i can't get my powerdvd to let me screen cap. I also have windows media player but it doesn't work nicely to do frame by frame ;( it sucks when things don't work out for you. So if someone cna help me or point me in the right direction that would be GREAT thank you!
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