April 20th, 2004

Underwater icon, Wierd blinking

The above icon loops just once and I have tried loop 5, 10, etc. Could someone please tell me how to get it to stop that blinking?
Also I looked in the memories to try to find a way to just animate the background and not the whole icon, but when I tried to paste the still image into the animation it didn't work.
Thanks LMA

resizing pictures to 100x100

i'm having trouble with resizing down pictures to a size that is suitable for an icon-every time i go to image->resize and i type in 100x100, it would resize the picture but it wouldn't go to 100x100-it would just resize it a little and i have my zoom on 100

i am using PSP8 so if anyone could help i would appreciate your generosity :D


What font is used for the icon here at icon_tutorial? it seems to be pretty popular with icon makers and i was jsut wondering what it was and where to get it...

Crop Tool In Photoshop CS

When I try to crop and rotate using the crop tool set to 100px x 100px the final image ends up distorted. Is there a way to prevent this from happening or do I need to use the transform option under edit if I want to rotate?
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