April 21st, 2004

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icon tutorials help

can somebody help me I'm look for tutorials to make that kinds of icons

by eomir

from what I know I have Paint Shop Pro 7 , if someday could tell me what kind of program I need and point me to tutorials to make them I would be really thankful :-)

those mask things

hi, just a quick question. i have psp8, & i have no idea what those mask things or for. there's a couple of different ones too. if anyone has time, i would like to know what those are for; hahaha. & how to use them. rather than not knowing forever, i'd like to know now so i can use it & not let it go to waste. i could be making really awesome icons right now if only i knew how to use them! =]

thanx in advance!

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icon help!

Hi. I have 2 questions. Sorry if these woere posted before, But I looked in the memories and could not find them. I have PSP8 and Adobe Photoshop, help in either one would be appreciated.

First, I want to know how to make a border like on the icon shown here:

And also, I want to know how to get the words into boxes like on the icon here:
(how the "are you ready to be mine" words are)

Thanks so much!
sail away

Icon sized brushes!

I've made my first brush set! There are 21 border brushes in this collection. I don't know if they're any good, but I guess that's for you to tell me. You don't have to credit me every time you use the brushes, but please pimp my icon journal, counterglow, once in a while if you could. :)

Download for Photoshop 7 (.abr) (right click - save link target as...)
Download Imagepack (.zip)

Some icons I made with these brushes:

(all icons are shareable - just credit counterglow please!)
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(no subject)

I don't exactly know what the tutorial title for something like this would be called in the memories. I want to learn how to do this...

xgirlnxd's icon

EDIT: Okay, sorry...woops! lol. I want to know how to get just her to flash...and how to make the background so cool. I know to decrease colors to 2-bit, then paste as a layer and mess with layer properties, but I don't know exactly what was done...it doesn't look like a 2-bit type grunge effect.

Effect PS5

All right, I'm stupid. I made this icon some time ago and I don't remember which effect I used >.< I tried everything, but I can't find it! Please help me, I use PS5 ^_^
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Background Help

I use PSP8, and I am *very* new at it.

Let's say you find a big image that has a very complicated background (unusual and with many colors), but you only want to use the background and not the image on top of it; and the image that's on it is complicated, too. Is there any way to get just the background to use as a base for an icon so you can put your own image on it?
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