April 22nd, 2004

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More Brushes! (Space themed)

Thanks to the great response I got to my border brushes (thanks guys!!), I was again inspired to do a space themed set (22 brushes total). I hope you enjoy these, and once again, no need to credit every time, just pimp counterglow once in a while! :)

Download for Photoshop 7 (.abr) (right click - save link target as...)
Download Imagepack (.zip)

Some icons I made with these brushes:

(all icons are shareable - just credit counterglow please!)
{HP} Hermione

20 icon-sized brushes!

I know it's like 3:30 am, but I finally got everything set so you can download these pretty icon-sized brushes. Yes, that's right, 20 icon-sized brushes made from photographs I have taken as well as some caps from the French movie 8 Women. Major cool points go to gegenschein for making the .zip of the image packs & the PS7 compatible .abr file! You rock dear!

All I ask is that you link to me or credit me somehow in your user info or at least once if you use these. Do not hotlink, edit, or catalog on any other website. Ever.

Edit: Fixed the link! Again! Whoops!

Download: PS8 | PS7 & lower | PSP Image Pack

Icons on which these brushes appear:

(note that the above icons contain borders by gegenschein and saava, this set of brushes does not include icon-sized borders. and yes, they are shareable, just please check the rules first.)

For more cool icons & things, check out Red Tavern Media!

transparency problems

yesterday i was trying to make an animated icon. to make it so that only the picture would be animated, i tried to make a transparent icon with text on it so after i animated the picture part, i could just copy and paste that into the transparent icon with the text. except when i tried to save the transparent icon with the text, it said there was a lack of information or something, & saved it as a merged .. something. i don't remember. i use psp8. can you not save transparent things with just a little bit of text on it?

thanx in advance.

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kuzco D:

PSD files

I have an unusual question... but I just kind of wanted to get some general opinions. I think I'm kind of paranoid about changing an icon or in case I lose it or something, so I always keep the original PSD file, which of course is pretty big in file size. So it would probably be better for my computer and better for organization for me to delete them, but for pretty much ALL my icons, I still have the original PSD as well as the jpg version... eh... do you guys think this is just silly, or does anyone else do this?
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I couldnt find any tutorials all over the net for this even the memories. So if anyone could tell me how to make the following nebula/star field it would be really really dandy. I know the stars were made by star tubes but what about the nebula/light thingy? Thanks in advance =)

edited: I'm dumb. I'm using psp7 =P
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black & white stare

Borders & Stuff, Paint Splatter brushes!

Once again, thank you all for being amazing and commenting about my previous two sets of brushes. I hope you like these, too! The first set contains 18 brushes made up of borders and textures and stuff. The second set contains 50 brushes(!) and is made from images of sponge painting that I did in my apartment.

Download for Photoshop 7 (.abr) (right click - save link target as...)
Download Imagepack (.zip)

Download for Photoshop 7 (.abr) (right click - save link target as...)
Download Imagepack (.zip)

Icons I made with these brushes:

(all of these are shareable - just credit counterglow please!)
oh so sudden

(no subject)

i know this is asked all the time but i never had this problem till now.

my icons are becoming fuzzy. idk when this happened but the quality is much down and doesn't look as good and it's very bothering. my quality bar is up when optimizing, so i cna't identify the problem.

please help with suggestions if this can be fixed

example: to

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