April 24th, 2004

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Closed communities - no more invite system

Hey all, I hope it's okay to post this here, but I know there are mods on here from takenote_icons, shipper_icons, pimpicons, and other "application only" communities.

You might like to be aware that you can no longer send invites out to people you've accepted into your community. Now people have to try to join the community first, themselves, and it will let you know that people attempted to join so that you can go and deny or accept. This can lead to all sorts of annoyances, with random people just trying to join every closed community for the hell of it...etc. It also makes for more work on the mods' part.

I wrote a letter of complaint to lj_biz and would like you all to check it out and hopefully comment in agreement. Maybe they'll do something about it if enough people speak up.
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Question - Fonts for PSP vs PS

I don't have Photoshop at home, instead, I have PaintShopPro. Now, because I have Photoshop at school, I've realised that the font seems to be much smoother and less distorted with different sizes, as is with PSP. Is there someone who has both programs who can tell me confirm that or tell me why?

For example, I've heard quebelly many times saying she bolds the small fonts like Arial, but if I bold it in PSP, it looks almost pixely.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out!

(no subject)

I've been wondering a few things for a while now, and now I want to learn them. I've looked in the memories and I couldn't find them in there. first is first, I have PSP8

1. I was wondering how to get the coloured border around an icon (other then going to images, add border, because that turns out bad), like this:

by veins on GJ

2. I was wondering how to get your pic to look good. Like if the pic, looks bad, you can make it look good. If you see this icon, you see the pic looks good, like she did something:

by tracified on GJ

thank you for your help
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Speed of Animation

With some help, I've created an animated .gif using 8 frames that looks great in image ready, but slows down when viewed in any other program. The animation speed is set to "no delay" in image ready, so I can't really speed it up any more to compensate for the slower animation in other programs. What should I do so that it moves fast enough to look right as my icon?
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Brushes in Imageready

HELP! I usually make all my icons in imageready so I can animate and optimize them, but I can't get brushes to load into anything except ps7, and I haven't the ram to run them both at the same time....is there ANY way of using brushes, importing brushes, creating your own brushes, etc in Imageready or am I pretty well f***ed?

Getty Images and BitMap files

I can't think of anywhere else to ask this ...

Has anyone else noticed images from Getty only saving as .bmp files and they all come up as "untitled"?

I hadn't gone image searching in a while so I just noticed this tonight. I originally thought I needed to clean out my cache (even though I'd done it not too long ago) so I did. But it's still doing it. The thing is, I checked other places, and it's only with Getty. I'm just wondering if it's some new file management system that they have. Although when I check the properties of the images they're .jpg files.

'tis kind of perplexing :::scratches head:::
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