April 26th, 2004

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B&W Picture Problems. PS7.

Okay, I am trying to make an icon with a black and white picture. And I need to put some colour into it and it'll only do grey. Like no other colour will show up. How do you fix this? :S

I have PS7 if that helps.
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you all must be sick of me by now =P but i promise this is my last question for a while =P this time, i've looked through the memories and can't find what i need...

my question: how do you use multiple pictures in templates that have more than one spot for pictures? is there a special trick or something?
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Im having a slight problem. When I try and type in a pixel font in PSP or aimation shop the size 8 or 9, it always comes up size 10. Even if I have size 8 selected, its size 10 whenever im trying it, and when Im done typing it. Anyone know how to amke it SIZE 8???

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ok so I know this has been posted a lot and I have looked in the memories and found it but it must be for a different software. I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and I want to know how to outline text! Like this

  I have been trying for so long to figure out how and I can't. My sn is dawLLfin if anyone can help me...also what is the font Ariel is written in. Thanks

Keane - Ronnie!

Advanced techniques with text - PSP7

Greetings to everyone. I'm a long time reader and actually have received almost all of my helpful icon-making tips just by watching this community.

As an icon-maker, though, I feel like I've hit a wall when it comes to arranging and using text. I'm very well read on what's possible in Paint Shop Pro, which I prefer to Photoshop simply because I've been using it for so long. I feel that I can manipulate color and brushes fairly nicely in an icon. The problem comes with text. It's absolutely horrible; I feel like I ruin my icons because I can't place it in a beautiful way or blend it nicely.

I'm familiar with how to, of course, add borders to text, how to put text on curves, how to kern text smaller or larger depending on spacing... but I'm still not satisfied at all with my text!

In what I've seen available in tutorials, there really isn't one comprehensive guide to how to do advanced things with text, specifically in PSP. I have been able to mimic some techniques in PSP8 tutorials with some success as well as ones from Photoshop... but I'm still not happy. I guess I'm a terrible perfectionist.

Behind the cut are a few of my icons so you can get an idea of why I'm unhappy. I'm really sorry to post so many examples, but it's the only way I feel that I can accurately show my problem. Hopefully mercy will be granted because they're all behind a cut. (Please? *blush*)

I'd like to know some of the ways you icon gods and goddesses spruce up your text and some of your favorite techniques. Do you simply blend layers multiple times at different opacities to achieve a look, or is there more involved?

Any responses would be *really* appreciated! Thank you!

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Help outside of the community -- good idea?

Hi, everyone. :)

Several recent posts, comments, and discussions have led me to think that maybe a lot of people could benefit from a kind of one-on-one teacher system. I know that a lot of time I get contacted outside of the community anyway, and so the idea of an actual system (essentially a permission and qualifications list) occurred to me. I was wondering if everyone would fill out this poll so I have an idea on the general sentiment. [Disclaimer: I'm not necessarily acting in my official mod capacity here, I'm just looking for the best way to find out if something is a good idea that I should raise to the other mods and we should pursue, or to see if I'm so off-base that I should drop it.] Thanks! :)

Poll #285090 Teaching?

For those who consider themselves advanced: Would you be willing to have your AIM or YM name on a contact list, connected with a subject or subjects, for community members to reach out for direct help?

Yes, absolutely, I love to help.
Yes, if certain conditions were met.
Hmm... maybe. It depends how the system would work.
Probably not, I'm concerned about abuse, spam, harassment, etc.
No, I don't like helping people via messengers / I prefer not to be contacted by strangers.
I do not think such a system is a viable idea.

For those who consider themselves novices: would a list of people willing to tutor you in specific subjects be a valuable resource for you?

Yes! I learn best in carefully explained, one-on-one situations.
Yes, sometimes I get stuck and need a push.
Maybe, it depends on the people and the situation.
Probably not, I do fine with the memories.
No, I don't like to contact or be contacted by strangers on messengers.
I do not think such a system is a viable idea.

For all members: Would you like to see such a system or list as a feature of this community, or as a new community?

I'd like to see it as a feature here (an ever-updated post linked in the userinfo, for example).
I'd like to see it somewhere else.
I do not think such a system is a viable idea.

And feel free to elaborate, suggest new ideas, and discuss the concept in the comments. Just please bear in mind that this is a fledgeling idea, inspired mainly because I'm supposed to be working on term papers instead.

[Also, please remember that everything suggested in the comments, by me or by others, is not yet an actual plan, but a suggestion or an idea.]

Thank you!