April 27th, 2004

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ArcSoft PhotoImpression

Hi there, i just joined the community, as i am having problems making icons. I mean i can make them, but only very simple ones. The software i use (arcsoft photoimpression) has the potential to make good ones, but i dont know how, and i cant seem to find anyone that does. If you could help me with this, i would love you forever!! (i read the memories and it doesnt say anything about arcsoft, so i thought it would be ok to post a question. if not, just delete this, and im sorry for bothering you.) here is a sample of the best icon i can make at the moment.

Its not very complex at all, and though i can do fading and the such, im not sure about layers and all that sort of thing. if you could help me to do it on my software, it would be much appreciated. thanks, kirsty xx
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Ive been asking ALOT of questions lately and Im sorry, I'm just trying to get the hang of text in PSP.

I use PSP8 and I am trying to outline fonts. Pixel fonts, it that matters. I make a new base, with the color I want my outline to be and type the text. Then I go to Selections -> Modify -> Expand and the text is outlined. Now I need to copy it so I press ctrl+c.

Now do I go to my base, and paste it on a new raster layer? When I try doing that, or pasting it anywhere, the pasted text always opens up in a window of its own, instead of on the image. How can I make it go on the image?
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