April 28th, 2004

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One on one help: the Icon Tutors project!

Greetings, all. Based on the poll results within and comments to my recent post, which were all extremely helpful, I am proud to announce the Icon Tutors project. :)


Do you need one-on-one help?

If that post you've found in the memories just doesn't seem to be helping you, or there's just some little tool in PSP you can't figure out, you might benefit from some detailed, personal, one-on-one help. A chance to ask a real, live person a question can sometimes make all the difference between, "well, I'll never understand this!" and, "oh, that was easy!"

A group of icon_tutorial members have volunteered to go beyond the community and are willing to offer individual help via AIM, YM, e-mail, and a variety of other methods to all who need it. However, in order to minimize the possibilities for abuse or harassment, I have set up a system that we ask you to use, and a few specific ground rules must be laid.

1.) Please use the memories thoroughly before contacting a tutor for assistance.

2.) You need to have a clear question or questions in mind before contacting a tutor. A tutor simply can't answer a question like, "how do I use Photoshop?" Each of us has taken the time (months, or sometimes years) to learn to understand what we do, and that cannot be condensed into a simple chat session. Instead, have a question in mind such as, "I'm having trouble using the text tool in PSP8," or, "I just can't seem to wrap my head around the presets manager in Photoshop 7."

3.) Please make sure you contact a relevant tutor with your problem. Do not ask someone whose only specialty is Photoshop to assist with Paint Shop Pro issues; it results in much more crankiness all around than it's worth.

4.) Please respect the tutor's contact wishes. If a tutor asks to be contacted via AIM or journal comment only, do not e-mail him or her with an icon question. In addition, any availability time a tutor has listed is easily subject to change. If you contact a tutor and s/he says, "I'm sorry, I can't help you with your problem at the moment, please contact another tutor or try again tomorrow afternoon," you need to respect that request.

I know these rules all sound very dire and serious, but we need everyone to obey them to make the system work for both tutors and students, so to speak. :) If you've read the rules and understand them, PLEASE CLICK HERE to find a tutor who can help you with your problem.

If you would like to be a tutor, please click here. :)

If you have any questions or comments about the tutoring system itself, please contact etoilepb. Thank you!
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Pen Tool in Photoshop

okay, this is my first time posting, so forgive me if i'm breaking any rules. i have looked through the memories as best i can and i have found no help on this particular matter:

how does one make use of the Pen tool in Photoshop 6/7/CS (i have CS, but i'm sure learning either way would be helpful)? what can it do? what do you most commonly use it for? how do you do some simple things with it? maybe if there are examples of artwork that has made use of the pen tool...it would be nice to learn how to use the thing :) maybe there are even just some informative sites ya'll could link me to?

i'm pretty familiar with all the basics, so feel free to throw complicated terms around or whatnot. any help would be *greatly* apprecated.
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betcha thought i died, huh?

hey everyone!

i'm back. sorry for the long silence. i've been swamped in school and have had some personal issues. this is the ex TwilightGarden. I did a name change the other day. what's been going on?

i'm more than willing to still go through the memories and fix those, so let me know what you would like me to do.

<33 carol.
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