May 1st, 2004

Starsky's too cute

How to lighten pics?

I've searched through the memories and didn't see an answer to my problem and so I'll ask for help on it. I'm working with screen caps that are very dark. The background was dark and so was the clothing. I've tried lightening up the image and it's just not working.

I'm using PSP 8 but I also have PS7, where I am completely clueless as it's new. It seems that I was able to adjust dark pictures pretty easily in PSP7, but 8 isn't letting me do it.

Is there a tutorial for either of the programs? Or can someone help me here? Thanks!
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Help with brushes...

I've searched the memories but I can't find anything that helps me.

I've downloaded some brushes image packs and I want to use them in PSP7. They downloaded as .jpg's

Can anyone tell me how I can use them as brushes. Thanks.
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(no subject)

Ok, so, I have Photoshop Elements 2.0 and I have downloaded some brushes but I cant figure out how to... "access" (i guess thats how to put it) them while I'm in PE 2.0 so that I can use them on my icons. If someone could... PLEASE help, THANX!
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