May 4th, 2004

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Okay, now that I know how to change extensions for PS brushes, I have a new question.
I use Paint Shop 8, and I will be getting Photoshop brushes, so I can use them on Paint Shop. The other day I downloaded several Photoshop 7 brushes, and they didn't work. It gave me the whole "newer version so this is unsupported" message. Which Photoshop brushes should I look for that work in PSP8? Also, if you have specific links to them, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much.
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Newbie! Meep-ers

hookay. This has been drivin' me BATTY I say.. anywho, new to the community ^^ Hope I can help other people while they help meeh :p

How do people do those animated icons where it's like the grundge lines that are moving? (Like scratches on a home video) It is just a cleaverly placed color burn layer in Image ready??
I tried lookin' through the memories but it's so large n' mah small brain is easily confused.
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I have a wee bit of a text issue with Photoshop. When I go to put text on icons, the "point" size isn't always consistent - sometimes it's much larger than it ought to be. I was trying to make an icon today and put Palatino Lindotype (of all things!) on size one and a single lowercase letter was still larger than my entire icon! What the heck is going on? ^^;;
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Full-icon tutorial

I'm using Photoshop 5, but it is generally assumed that everything I can do, you with higher versions can do better.

Collapse )

Using your preferred method of resizing and cropping, get the image to 100x100. Then, duplicate the image as a new layer. Sharpen the top layer, then duplicate the top layer in the same image. With this third layer, select a layer blend mode that allows for maximum contrast. I chose Screen. Collapse )

I then flattened the layers and went to Replace Color. Selecting a color from Keira's cheek, as that was the most fleshy part of the image, I toned the saturation and the lightness up and set the fuzziness to about 140 to get a more "washed out look. Collapse )

Then chosing replace color again, select the dark areas of the image (in this instance, Keira's hair). Adjust the hue, saturation, lightness and fuzziness of the image again. Collapse )

Then I just added text. Obviously, this version is different from the version in my userpic. I'm not smart enough to have saved the layers of that version, but this is the general idea. Any questions, just ask.
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This is poopy.

Alright, so I have this really great animated icon, and yay. It took me forever to figure out, because I'm retarded. But something is still wrong...

I want the last frame to fade into the first frame, as opposed to just... you know, going straight to it. And I can't figure out how to do that, because, like I said, I'm retarded. So please, please help me. I love you.
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Shadow behind text-PSP8

 I don't think there was a tutorial for this,or one I didn't think explained well so I decided to write one myself!Here it goes:

When type up your text,and you click ok so you can start positioning the text around the image.You right click on the text.A bar will come up,scroll down,click on raster selection(Ctrl+Shift+B).After that you go to Effects,then 3D effects,click on drop shadow,play around with Attributes and stuff like that and ta da! You have a shadow behind your text.Here's a example:


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