May 6th, 2004

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panning icon tutorial

Someone asked me how to do this effect, and I couldn't find a tutorial on it, so I wrote up a (really) quick tutorial for them on how I do it. I don't know if there's an easier way of doing it, this is just the way I do it.

This tutorial makes this icon:

It's too big for LJ because I messed up a little, but it serves its purpose for a tutorial.

This is for PSP7 and Animation shop 3, though other versions of the same programs should use the same idea.

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If you think I missed something or something doesn't make sense, tell me and I'll try to fix it. I'm not great at explaining things, this is just a quicky tutorial, and I'm tired. Hopefully someone will find some use for it though.
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hey ya'll

Hey ya'll...
I made this icon, and I can't resize it, when I go to resize, it takes out some of the text. I use psp7. How can I resize it?

Also, is it any good? Did I apply all the 'effects' I could of wanted correctly? Is there anyway I could of done it different, or better? What do u think?
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anyone up to making a publicity tutorial for icon sites/journals/communities?

I am asking because i have both an icon site* and an icon journal and i've been trying with nothing but failure to try to get some people to notice it. since we all are icon makers, i was wondering if some of you knew how to remedy this situation because i am too paranoid to put them in most icon communities... especially the ones that don't ask for credit. i mean, it may sound egotistical but i like credit for the work i do.

i would really appreciate any help. i know this may be on the fringe for the group, but i consider it to be related enough.


* currently down because of webserver problems. but fixing it soon.
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(no subject)

I'm enquiring about borders to go around mini movie icons. I've had a look in the FAQ and can't find anything helpful there.
I want to put the border around the mini movie itself, not the background image.

Programs I'm using are PSP8 and Animation Shop 3.

Any help would be very appreciated, thanks :)

S xxx