May 10th, 2004

photoshop 6.0

i am seriously about to die here people. i am so frustrated beyond belief. i've always used microsoft photodraw to make any icons that i have. well, i looked around and saw how people who use photoshop, their icons look oh so much better than mine ever could. so i had photoshop lying around. it's version 6.0. so i installed it and did it. i read through all of the tutorials on general icon making, and none of them apply to 6.0 i tried to follow the instructions but everything was different. now i'm frustrated, and i am in dire need of help. could someone maybe, point me to the correct memory, or help me out here? please...i am dying. i am so frustrated! *angry face*

edit: 3:25 am est -- all i want to be able to do is make pretty icons. instead of the crappy ones i always make. no one ever comments on my icons, ere go they're crappy. now i know they are...all i want to do is make pretty icons. i've fiddled with it for almost two hours now, and this is the best i've gotten.

mother freaking ugh. i'm frustrated. anyone that can help, i will be much oblidged. :(
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hedge maze

Brush and colour questions

First, the brush question (I'm using PS6). How do I save more than one brush into an image pack in PS6? I know how to do this in PS7, but it doesn't look like it works the same way in PS6. Help?

Next, the colour question. I made this base from a The Thorn Birds screencap, sharpened it and cleaned it up:

Unfortunately, the colours here suck - it's an eighties movie, that's not surprising, but I want to make it more vibrant (or at least more pleasing, period). I tried many things - adjustment layers, adding colour layers with different blend modes, increased saturation, even coloured in different areas of the base separately, but didn't manage to get nice colour effects. So I'd like to ask all of you what methods you like to use to make colours more vibrant, especially with images of poor quality like this one.

I did get a passable icon by going in the other direction and getting *rid* of colours, but my question still stands:
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