May 11th, 2004

Jongkey on stage

Icon Tutorial

Here is my attempt at making an icon tutorial. I learned most of the tools I use in here by playing around with my paint shop pro 7 or reading other tutorials in this community (which have all been amazing). Under the cut I have made a detailed description of how I made this icon:

Collapse )

Small Text or Lines Effect?

I was wanting to know if the effect on these icons made by emoterellish, is just a line brush that almost makes it look like small text or typing text at a really small point (like 4pt) I use psp8 and ps7:

(the part right above draped in despise)

(The part below the XXXX)
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Photoshop Brush Help

I've checked the memories and can't find what I'm looking for, so I'm guessing this is the most idiotic question ever then. So, here goes. How do you actually install brushes in Photoshop 7? Thanks to all that come to my aid, and I'm sorry for the question. But I really want to make purtier iconses :)

Problems with text&transparency

Hi. I've had PSP8 for a few months now, and I'd learned how to use it pretty well, and then my computer crashed and once I'd gotten it fixed I reinstalled PSP and all of a sudden I'm having problems with text and transparency. Basically, it doesn't allow me to make an icon with text with a transparent background. I make a new transparent image, flood fill it bright green like I always do when creating transparency, then I go to add text, and when I'm done I go to set the transparency like always, and all of a sudden, different shades of that bright green have appeared around the text! I checked that only one shade of that green appeared in the palette when setting the transparency BEFORE adding text, but after I've added text, it's like shades appear out of nowhere (shades that I didn't use in the text, that is). I tried checking the settings, opacity and everything, but nothing helps. The GIF Optimizer does the same thing. I never had this problem before, does anyone know what is going on? I'd really appreciate any help, it's driving me crazy!
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I've just got a quick question:

What are some sites that everyone uses to download quicktime trailers? I'm having a hard time finding a really great one with lots of quicktime trailers and clips to download, since that's the best way for me to make mini-movie icons.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!