May 12th, 2004


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I checked in the memories and I didn't really see anything for this. Well, the question was there but I followed the suggestions and nothing I do seems to work. My problem is pixel fonts. They all come out small and blurry. I don't have the anti-alias on. My resolution is 72. I don't have it set on 'faux bold'. All of my other fonts come out fine, it's just the pixel fonts that come out like this:

any suggestions?

Text Looking Right

I'm an experienced icon maker, and I've just started using border brushes and exclusion blend modes and lots and lots of layers. But one thing I have a big problem with is text.

I just can't get it to look right. I use drop-shadow, I use lower opacity...every time it just seems to not look good.

There's some examples down lower. I think the icons are good, but they're just missing something, and I can't put my finger on what they're missing. I use PSP 7.

// // // //

Thanks in advance!
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Beckett Dramatic


I need some advice people!!! I got a new computer and I need to redownload a program but I'm a bit confused... so help me out by telling me which one is better:

PSP7 [I used to use this before], or Photoshop 7?
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Help for the photoshopless/photoframe icons

Two questions :)

1) Does anyone know of any good tutorials for PSP7? Because most of the ones I've seen have been for Photoshop...

2) I've seen this sort of icon a lot lately...a picture inside-a-picture type thing. Like

this icon by hecatesknickers

Does anyone know how that's done? And if you need a brush to do it, which I suppose you do...can anyone point me in the direction of one? :D

Thanks in advance. :D