May 13th, 2004

Help, Where can i find this Brush?

_allthatjazz_ gave credit to
i have been downloading her brushes all day trying to find the brush she used with the scan lines that curve, but i have no luck, i would be so grateful if you could tell me the name of the brush she used?


even better examples:

P.S. I have already tried to ask her, and posted on 3 other graphic boards!
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I've looked in the memories, buut...

(by ricepapercrush)

How do you make a picture look as clear and sharp as that? The maker has a tutorial here but it's for PSP, and I have PS7. I did ask her how to go about doing that in PS, and she said she didn't really know, but it was doing something along the lines of doing a lot of brightness/contrast, and using a softening tool. But so far, I haven't had much luck. :( Anyone know how?
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small text in PS

ok i had this probelm before but then for some reason it stopped, but now its started again so don't know what to do.

The text goes really small in PS7, i can have it at 72pt and its still pretty small, why is it doing that and how do i make it stop?