May 14th, 2004

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I looked through all the memories and didn't see what I was looking for. Just to you know, get the obvious out of the way lol. Now my question, I was wondering why animations got all slowmoish when you upload them sometimes. I just made this icon..

And the icon got very noticibly slower. ;\ But when I made the icon i'm using now, it was fine. And I did it all the same way.

Any way to stop the slow down? Please and thank you to anyone that can help in advance! <3
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tiled boxes effect?

Hey, got a question about this effect, used here in these icons by andemaiar and nicole_anell.


Any tips on how to achieve the tiled/overlapping boxes look of the first icon, the Riley icon? The closest I've been able is to physically chop up a stamped blinds-brush layer into squares and manually tile them around, but then the diagonals never line up and it just looks choppy and awkward. I've been able to sort of fake kung-fu my way toward the overlapping strips of the second icon, but the Riley one eludes me.

Is this just one particular 100x100 brush that I don't have? Or a set of said? And if so, does anyone know where to find them?

But I believe that it's probably a layered effect, particularly the second (River) icon, which seems to have overlapping strips of stamped layers at varying opacities and with varying filters, yes?

Either way, a tutorial on how to achieve these effects would be greatly appreciated!
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muted colors


The muted color effects, with the blues and apricots standing out, in this icon by snoopypez:

Is some of the best color work I've seen around LJ lately. Anyone got an idea how to nudge those sorts of colors out of a base image? Mine *always* look too muddy and not crisp or contrasty enough when I try, and then if I up the contrast they just get overexposed-looking.

Generally I'll desaturate a couple of layers and insert color fills in different shades, and then erase parts of the image to let the colors I want show through. But the problem I have is that the profligation of color layers always muddies up my image if I set them on "screen" or "overlay" filters -- "overlay" in particular makes it too translucent and not...milky enough -- but if I don't, I can't strike the appropriate balance without cranking the opacities way down.
Help help!
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Monkey Island Screencaps?

Okay -- I went rummaging around in the screencapping tutorials and just can't seem to find what it is I want. In Monkey Island 2 - there is a scene with Wally the Cartographer swinging from a set of cuffs. I really wanted to get enough caps to copy the motion as an Icon. All I have now is a regular -- still icon (it's used now as my user-icon). Any ideas? I can't seem to figure out how to make caps from the game -- especially given that it's relatively old.

Thanks in advance!
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Beckett Dramatic


Well. I decided to get Photoshop 7. And I need a little help.

Can someone give me like a quick overview of the buttons and stuff.

I'd appreciate it if you could tell me stuff like..
- where is the undo button/is there one for PS? I can't find it.
- How do I increase/decrease color depth like in PSP.. or does it do it on it's own?
- are there any/where do I go to select the illumination effects?
- what kinds of different effects are there besides your basic stuff [aka blurring, pixelating, etc]
- what are the "dodge tool" and the "history brush tool".

Just stuff like that.. I'd appreciate it muchly. Thanks!
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I just made this

Its pretty basic. I wanna smart it up a bit and i have no idea how to do it. I use Adobe Photoshop 7. All i can do is resize it and add txt, thats all.

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Request for Flippin' Annoying Code...

OK. Let's just estabish that I'm PATHETIC.

I have some cool icons I wish to share and allow others to use, but can never get the damned things to show up within the body of my LJ. WHY is that? Can someone send me the proper code to use, using ( ) instead of <>? That way I'll be able to read the codes.

OK? Thanks! You won't be sorry... or at least you won't be tooo sorry.

New, and help is needed<3

This ALWAYS happens when I make a moving icon.

The colors are really messed up..and I have no idea how to fix it. I saved it as a GIF, is there something I'm doing wrong?
Please help if you can<3It would be greatly appreciated.
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Here is a tutorial on how to make this icon.

I decided to make a tutorial because so many people have been so kind to share with me their tutorials, so I'd like to give back. A lot of the tips in this tutorial I have learned from other people. This is for PS7.

I use many layers and whenever I add a new effect I make a new layer. This way, if I don't like the effect I can just delete the new layer. It gives me a lot more leverage.

This tutorial is basically sharpening and smoothing an image and making it really pretty!

EDIT// Sorry I accidently made it friends only. I am dumb. I changed it. Now you may look.

( Onto the tutorial! )
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Narikiri Leon

(no subject)

Does anyone know what type of font seen in my icon? (The font that says "Some fallen angels...")

I've been looking for new pixel fonts, I'm beginning to get tired of Ernest.