May 16th, 2004

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Here is my second attempt at making a full tutorial for making an icon in Paintshop Pro 7 (cause I noticed that there weren't that many tutorials made for psp users). In this tutorial I will tell you step by step how to make an icon similar to this one:

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ok, so I was following the mini-movie guide for screencapping quicktime movies, but I can't get the frame to copy. I don't uderstand why. It seems simple, but pressing Ctrl-C is doing nothing *sighs* does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

PowerDVD upgrading troubles

I'm trying to upgrade my PowerDVD so I could take some screencaps. The trouble is, I can't figure out how to upgrade it! The programme came with my Win XP.

Way #1 I try to upgrade:
-Go to the Cyberlink site (
-Go to downloads
-Go to PowerDVD SE (for Windows Media XP) Patches
-Go to the first option available (by clicking Click Here) (It says "Update Patch: This patch will update PowerDVD SE for Windows XP to build 2417")
-Click Download Now!
-...but then it says "You are not authorized to view this page". I registered as a member, but I still get that message! And yes, I am logged in.

Way #2:
-Go to Cyberlink site
-Go to Products
-Select CyberLink PowerDVD
-Select Upgrade from PowerDVD Updates
-Choose the correct options from the dropdown menus
-...but there is no download button! There is a picture of a lady with sunglasses that says Download, but it's just an image, not a link.

Please help! I really need these screencaps and I have to return the DVD tomorrow. :\

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Please Help

If you have an image with a solid background (let's say the image is white and the background is red) and you fill the background (the red part)to make that part transparent to paste the white part onto another layer, but it still leaves the image surrounded by edge colors that you don't want (like light greys and such); how do you fix that?

I tried despeckle, but that didn't work. There are too many pixels to fill in one by one, and plus, it doesn't come out looking right - especially if you're working with something like a circle. How do I fix the edges so when I paste it as transparent on a black background, you don't see those extra pixels around the image?

I use PSP 8.