May 17th, 2004

Alyson Silly

Full Icon Tutorial for PSP8

Ooh, it's my first real full icon tutorial! Yey!

How to make this icon:

Figure out how here.

Relatively well explained, though there arent any graphical instructions beyond the actual icon itself as it changes as you progress through the steps... contains a few links throughout it to other tutorials that contain more detailed explanations on particular areas (such as gradients and making brushes)... ahh, if there's anything I've vagued over, do let me know, and I'll try to explain more thoroughly! :)

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Reality escapes her
  • lori

Constrained/Fixed Aspect Ratio (PS 6 and 7)

I suddenly feel the need to draw attention to one of my favorite options: the Constrained Aspect Ratio option(or Fixed Aspect Ratio, in PS7).
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Why do I use it so often? Because when you set the width and height to equal numbers, it will always select a perfect square. Pretty handy when trying select part of a large image to crop and resize into 100x100 pixels. It'll also let me know when the image I'm using is too tall or too wide to use the way I had planned.

Just thought I'd put this out there, because I've noticed a few posts lately from icon makers who've never used Photoshop before, and it's something worth knowing about from the start. ^_^

Icon Tutorial - PS 7

Man, I am totally the poster child for procrastination. test tomorrow which I have not studied for, hey! Let's make an icon instead and while we're at it, why not make a tutorial on how to make said icon! So if you want to know how I made that, come on in.

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Phew! My first tutorial done. Questions are totally welcome! And please let me know how I did.
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