May 19th, 2004

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Templates in Photoshop

    Hi all,
I had a question about using templates in Photoshop.  I've sifted through the memories and found this tutorial and a couple of others, but everything I try just leaves me with a black box of an icon.  I'm using Photoshop 6, so maybe these tutorials don't work in that version?  Any enlightenment on the subject would be much appreciated ^^

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simplicistic question

having read way too many tutorials in the last days i seriously wonder about the following: given that mixing colours in different ways can still result in the same shade in the end, why use so many different layers and filters? isn´t there a simpler option to achieve basically the same result? i know that effects are a combination of steps, a shortcut, so there are many ways to arrive at the same picture ... i think so, but would like to hear some expert advice :)



I've used Photobucket for a while now. Then I got dsl and suddenly I can't upload my pictures. Does anyone know what's going on or how to fix this? I tried taking down all these firewalls, but it still doesn't work. I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Feathered Mini Movies

I have checked the memories but really couldnt figure out how to excute the answer to my question.

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements because I am poor and dont have enough money for the actually Photoshop, but I am pretty sure I can do this somehow with the limited options given.

I want to be able to do quiet a few things, actually. I want a feather technique like this:

And I also want to have the mini-movie fade out into the background. I use Animation Shop 3, and I guess I would have it just fade out to the background instead of a black or white screen, but I want to be sure!


Celebrity Photo Sites

I know this has been asked random places before, and at one time I had a huge, definitive list bookmarked, but I seem to have lost it.

What are all the awesome celebrity photo/scan sites you can think of that are useful for finding pics to use on icons?

Think atpictures, celebrity-scan, that sort of thing.

Thank you!

I found it...this site has an *excellent* links page directing the visitor to various celebrity scan sites. Woohoo!
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(no subject)

Does anyone know where to find the templates that go in the icons that look like photographs?? Because I've sean them used practically everywhere, inertgrated into the icon, adn they look really good and effective yet I havent actually seen them posted anywhere or anything...

Thank you-
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Hey! I'm just getting into "proper" icon making... And I just made these (in the spirit on PoA*15 days!*) And I'm wondering what I could do to improve it! Any suggestions are welcome.. I just want to practice so I can improve! I'm rather partial to the one without the text.. It's just cleaner looking..! Please be gentle.. I worked for a good bit on this one... (stupid transparent lines took so long!.... ;D)! Thanks Loads! -Kate
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(no subject)

not really an icon question, but a photoshop question.

when i go to pick colours in the "color picker," the colours show up like this:

Collapse )

and i want it the regular colour-scale back....what's going on?

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