May 23rd, 2004

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PSP8 Workspace Guide

Not a tutorial per-say, but a guide to the workspace in PSP8. Basically, it's a labelled screencap of PSP8 - somewhat like the one of PS7 that etoilepb made (I think it was her, anyway... do correct me if I'm wrong)...

Please note that there is a LARGE picture under the cut - a 1024x768 workspace! Along with a couple of long tables detailing a couple of the Dropdown Menu's... I've been rather thorough :P

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If y'all could tell me if there are any areas you would like explaining in more depth (IE, what does the Hue Map do?), I would be happy to do my best, though I will confess that I'm not an expert in all the tools noted above! Indeed, there are some I've never even used before (*eyes up the Lens Correction settings with a frown*), but that doesnt mean I wont give 'em a go if you ask what they do ;) I'll find out somehow... ;) LOL...

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I've been through the memories various times and skimmed it once again just now to make sure this question hasn't been asked before. Hopefully, I won't stand corrected. ;)

This lovely icon by iconspell has a really interesting cut-out effect around the characters outlines. Does anyone know what's been done to achieve this?
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saving as PNG in PS7

I usually save all my icons as jpgs, but lately people have been telling me png is a better way to go. I didn't even notice that there was an option for png at first under "save as web" (which is what I use all the time) but I don't know what the difference is between "PNG-24" and "PNG-8 128 Dither." I'm trying to get the best quality possible while still having a decent filesize, so will someone tell me which would be the better to use? Thanks!
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frame by frame in windows media player?

ive looked in all the memories but i haven't found the answer to this.

okay is there any way possible that you can go frame by frame in windows media player. i know how to in quicktime and powerdvd but but powerdvd is being mean and i can't play them in there. can anyone help?
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I'm looking for a psp tutorial page. It has like EVERYthing on it.
I remember the layout is kinda purple nad the url included like a name and tutorial
help ;\