May 24th, 2004

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I apologize if this is dumb question but I just purchased and installed PS7 today, and i can't seem to locate where i could apply the Patterns on images that i installed previously. Can someone please give me a thumbnail sketch of where it might be? Thanks.

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It's probably in the memories but my time is limited online today. So.

What is the most effective way of cutting at an image, to be more specific. I wan't to remove the background of the image and replace it with another. Every ettempt I make, leaves the people in the image (that i try to cut around) looking stupid because they haven't been cut round properly.

I might need great detail as I am abit thick :p
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my first icon tutorial :-x

soo...i figured since i make icons differently than everyone else, i'm (me and my ghetto ways :-P) i'd share with everyone, just exactly how i do it. i'm sure i go through a bazillion more steps than everyone else...but it's how i'm used to making them, and it's perfectly fine for me :)

this is how i made this icon :)

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Optimizing - Image Ready

I'm having trouble optimizing an animated icon in Image Ready. It's a simple animation (I've seen much, much more complicated ones) and yet I can't get it anywhere under around 150K! I tried "Optimize to File Size..." but when I put in 40K, the image quality totally destroys the icon.

Here it is -- this one I think I managed to get to about 102K, I did this last night, but I can't even get it back to that. Any suggestions?
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Clips/Trailers for icons

I'm wondering where you guys get the clips/trailers/whatever you use for your mini-movie icons. I've found a couple, but I can't download them from apple trailers. Also, the ones I do find are .wmv, and Virtual Dub doesn't support that - anyone know of a way to convert them so they work? I've tried renaming, and it didn't work.

That's one of my first movie icons, does anyone know how I can get it down to 40KB or less so I can use it as a LJ icon?
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I've been checking all kinds of full-icon tutorials, and I've searched the memories, yet I can never quite figure out how to achieve this effect.

by ladytiramisu (I don't think it's shareable, but I'm not sure).

How do you get it to look so smooth. Not just using the blur tool, I've tried that. I think there's something I'm missing. It looks as though it's been painted. I'm not sure if anyone understands what I mean, but if you do, I'd love help!

I use PS7.
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Lately, every font I've downloaded, I download it.. but it's never a .zip file. And when I click on the font file, it shows up that preview window, but when I try to put it in my Windows font folder, it won't go. Anyone know what I'm talking about?