May 25th, 2004

capping on PowerDVD

ok, on powerdvd, i can cap frame by frame on a dvd, but not on a file. i was wondering if there was any way i could cap frame by frame with files. i didn't know if this was just a problem of mine, or if it's possible on anybody's PowerDVD?
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  • sevter

About Animation...

Well yes. I know there's a lot of tutorials available for it in the memories section. The problem is, I can't make heads or tails of it. What I probably need is a step by step tutorial or at the very least, I need someone to direct me to one.

I use Photoshop/Imageready 7.

Thanks in advance.
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  • amea

Silly question from a lazy girl

Hi! I just spent a bit makning a 7-frame animated icon, and when I went to upload it, I discovered that I was a dork and accidentally let it be 101x100 pixels. Now, do I have to go through and take all the time individually cropping and re-doing the border and re-animating the entire animations with all its transitions, or is there a faster way to resize something that is animated without un-animating it? I have PS7 and Animation Shop 3.

Thanks in advance even if there's no short-cut!
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Colored Pixel Borders

I've been thinking, there has to be a simple way to make borders like this. I know how to add a single pixel border [I use PSP version 6], but exactly how do you go about making the little black border, then color, then black? Thanks!

Icon made by avidwords


I just did a thing...where I had to size down the icon, subtract 6 from the height, 6 from the width, add a one pixel black, one pixel whatever color, and another one pixel black. That takes forever! Isn't there another way to do it?