May 26th, 2004

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Quick, painless mod notes

This community is for assistance and education. Whether freely giving advice, in the form of tutorials, or whether requesting advice, in the form of specific questions or problems, icon_tutorial can and will help you with a good will. We're even pretty lenient about what constitutes "icons," and here you can find help on a wide array of topics relating to designing, creating, and manipulating images.

However: this community is not for requesting vague input, nor is it for asking opinions about your most recent work. Though positive feedback and constructive criticism are both necessary parts of the icon-making process, this community is not the place. Should you have an icon that you are working on, but you cannot get to work correctly for some reason, feel free to post to the community. Just asking, "what do you think?" or stating, "this is better than my last one" is not allowed. I believe I have seen communities designed for criticism and development comments; if you know of one, please feel free to reply with the link.

As is the case every time I make a mod post, this is not directed at any one individual or group but is rather an attempt to cut off an ever-growing trend before it becomes a serious problem. I have left comments on several individual posts but I just thought a gentle, community-wide reminder was in order.

On an unrelated note, I am about ten days behind in archiving the memories, so I apologize if you're looking for a recent post there and can't find it. Life explodes sometimes and rearranges priorities; you know how it is. I should be caught up by Friday night.

Oh, since I have your attention I may as well remind you that you can never be too thorough with the subject line, so don't forget to use it and be specific on all your posts!

Thanks much, you're a great group.

asst. mod
Sex At Law

Mini-movies from Flash?

I'm trying to get enough screencaps from a Flash movie (not mine, but I have it saved on my comp) for a good mini-movie icon. Anyone know how I can do that? Whenever I do mini-movies, I use VirtualDub to generate them from movie files, but I'm sure that it won't work for this.

Text help

Hello all. Was wondering if I could maybe get some help with this icon:

I need help on the text - I made this one in Adobe Photoshop Elements 2.0, and I also have Adobe Photoshop 5.0, although I find it much more difficult to work with. If anyone has any cool ideas or hints to give me to make the text more exciting and visible.. please let me know! I have some pixel fonts downloaded.

Layer order question for PS7

I read through the layer posts in memories and still didn't find what I'm looking for. I'm new to all of this and am trying to figure out how all of this fits together. I have read through tons of tutorials and the one thing I haven't really seen addressed is how the placement of the layers affect each other.

I would love specifics as to what difference there is on a picture by specific layers being over or under. What layer combinations have you found that give you specific things you like, that you recreate in new icons. What is a rasterized layer? What are your favorite ways to use layer masks, this topic seems to have the most coverage when layers are addressed in tutorials.

As is evidenced by the name, I'm a very curious person and would love to read anything on this topic that anyone wants to send. I would also love tutorials, it is great to find them when they have screen caps and give you the progression of how to get to a tool and then the settings-it is frustrating when there is the asumption that you will know where certain things are on beginner tutorials.

Thanks in advance and looking forward to learning more,
[per] Curls

Brush compatibility question.

Do PSP7 brushes work in PSP8? What about the other way around?

Do PS5 brushes work in 6 and 7? Do PS7 brushes work in 5 and 6? Do PS6 brushes work in 5 and 7?

I know you can rename them in some cases... But I'd like to know if they automatically work or not. Simple yes/no answers are really what I'm looking for. It'll be a good thing to put in the memories, too. Thanks!

Web Sites for downloading icon-making systems for Windows 98 and lower.

I have looked through many of the memories and have searched a lot of sites for downloading systems that help you make icons (such a Photoshop or PaintshopPro) and I cannot find any sites that let you download anything for computers under 2000 (which I find uterly amazing). Perhaps I haven't looked hard enough, or looked it over, but does anyone have any links, or know of any place I can find the link to a site pertaining to this? I'm incredibly sorry if posts like this have been posted millions of times, but I sincerely cannot find any of them. I would love you forever if you could help me.

Thank you for you time!

No0b. :)
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