May 30th, 2004

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This might not be the right place to ask this, so if you want it removed, just tell me. I was wondering what colors everyone here uses on their favorite gradients? I've finally figured out how to make them, I just don't know what looks good. Thanks!
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I've been looking through the memories and can't find answers that I truely understand. I want to know how to do two things on PSP8. The first thing is making the writing, 04b, small and pretty like this in this icon:

Collapse )

whenever I try, my writing comes big and yucky, like so:

and second is how to make pictures in good quality, some of the pictures i find are yucky looking, but I don't know a good way of making the pictures good to use for an icon.

Your help is appreciated! thank you so much!
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Cartoon icons.

I've been wanting to make icons of cartoons, like 'Alice in Wonderland', that sort of thing. I know the way I make icons now would probably not work for them exactly as it's different qualities and such. So, I was wondering if anyone knew tutorials about making icons of that sort or how you make them. You know, make the quality look nice, make it pretty, etc.
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Glare Issues

Hey -- I looked through the memories and if there's a post there I couldn't find it. I'm working with this picture:
See the glare on the lens?? How do I get rid of that...or at least minimalize it??

Thanks in Advance!!
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This is kind of a weird question, but in psp 8 is there any way to turn antialias off when using brushes? There's one I actually want to be choppy, and I remember doing it before but now I can't figure it out =/