May 31st, 2004

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How to stop random brush rotation? PSP 8

Okay, I've been through the memories and haven't seen this addressed. I downloaded a bunch of image packs made in PS and imported them one by one as custom brush tips from selection. Now I have all these brushes, but when I try to use them, they rotate randomly. This is frustrating, especially for the frame brushes. I've tried unchecking load variance, but it doesn't help. Rotate is set to zero on all of them, so I'm lost as to what else to try. Has anyone else dealt with this? Thanks!

.ABR Brushes for PSP 7

I looked in the memories and couldn't find anything on this, but then again I may have missed it, my apologies if I have.

I just downloaded some brushes from cosmo_mouse that are .ABR files, and I don't know how to insert them into PSP 7. Do I just put them into the PSP7 Brushes file?

Thanks in advance!
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animation question

i use photoshop 7 and image-ready.
when i animate a pic *points to icon* no matter what i do, when i do an overlap (the little chain-link sign at the bottom of the frames in image ready) the white shows through.

i have tried using backgrounds, transparent, no background.
i have tried using a background that is the same as the top level, but then the background of the first frame is also the background of all the other frames, and it still looks - not like i want it to.

so please tell me what to do to make the transitions smoother, and why the first background sticks to the following frames. thanks!!