June 2nd, 2004

end as we know it

Everybody needs to learn somtime...

Ok, I was working with an icon tonight (I use Photoshop CS) and ran into a slight problem: whenever I use the line tool at an angle, it looks all pixelated and generally not good looking. Since that icon was for an anonymous entry contest, I decided to whip up a quick icon showing a simlar problem with the pixelated lines.

So does anyone know a way to work with the line tool at angles and not have it ugly and slanted like in that icon? Cause I'd really love to get it to look spiffy....

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Figured out the problem, no worry here. It was dealing with anti-aliased =o)
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Optimizing Animations in AS3

Is there any way to save an animation just as it is, WITHOUT optimizing it, in Animation Shop 3??

I looked in the memories and found nothing, and this is seriously frustrating me, because I have the settings on the best quality settings and it's still really fuzzy!
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[One Piece] Zoro PANTSU!!!!!!!!!

W00t to you all!!

This isn't exactly a request for help (maybe it's off topic? I hope not! :( ), but somehow I feel compelled to say this:

I just need to say that the people who created this community, and those who are always there, ready to help... you're all fantastic! A group of random people from around the world who are ready to lend a helping hand! You're all amazing, and I want to thank you all for what you're doing! I hope that in some way, having people appreciate you and the great icons they make after receiving your help are enough to make you all feel good about what you're doing!

I hope I can say this on behalf of everyone here!

THANK YOU!!!</i>
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little glass vial

(no subject)

Hi, I'm new to this community and I looked in the memories, but I'm still not understanding this... I'm trying to make an icon with the underwater effect in Animation shop. When I try to make it though, the image that I want to use doesn't show, and the water shows up black. Can someone please help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong?
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