June 4th, 2004


Pixel Fonts in PSP7

OK, so I've been having this problem for a while but ignoring it by not using pixel fonts.

I just cannot get them to work in PSP7 - they don't even show up in my fonts list. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Do they not work in PSP7? I have them all on my computer, I just can't for the life of me get them onto my icons!

Any help would be much appreciated!
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Ok this is not technically a tutorial it is more legislative I suppose but i thought i should ask you guys so let's see this is how it goes :

images what images are and are not allowed to be used because i can't necessarily write the photographer of some star and ask permission to use their photo for an lj icon but then if i use let's say someone's photo from deviantart then i am suppose to link back to their account? This is true even if i am not receiving money or credit for the icon? Or is this just proper edicate among users? I can understand that but some people are so totalitarian about this stuff. I am asking because I am getting ready to build a site and i wanna have all my cards in a pile.

thank you for your help

ps. does this also work with google image sites?
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Rainbow text

Hey! I have a question: how can I make my text rainbow coloured? You know, one coulour fades into another throughout one word, with the rainbow effect... it's not going to be one colour per letter, because I NEED ther ainbow effect! LOL Thank you all for any help!!

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Say you have a picture, and you want to get just the picture of the person, without the background...because you're going to paste the person onto a *different* background. Isn't there an easier way of tracing around the person than using that stupid lasso selection tool? I use PSP 6. Does point to point selection work that well?

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Ugh.. =\ How come whenever I try to cap things in Windows Media Player, the animation continues to play in my editting program? Does anyone else have this problem? I was trying to take some captures from my DVD but when I Printed Screen and pasted the capture into PSP7, it sort of continued to animate. Really weird. Can anyone help me out?

{if this type of post isn't allowed, sorry! just let me know <3 it doesn't relate directly to icons but i still thought that it was relevant, since alot of people take caps for icons.}