June 7th, 2004

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Question . . .

Does anyone know where I can find a tutorial to make this kind of icon:

made by _understood

I want to know how to make the animation that old fashioned movie look.

I use Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop.

If someone could make/show me a tutorial I would greatly appreciate it.
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(no subject)

Okay, I looked in the memories ( I swear I did!) but if the answer to this question is there, I either missed it because it was in a category I didn't expect, or I missed it because the title didn't point me in this direction. Either way, I'm sorry. :)

I use PS7 (though I have PSP7 also) and I'm wondering about sizing for when you rotate an icon. I don't really have an example of a completed icon, but if I go to image > rotate canvas > arbitrary and rotate it about 3 degrees, my image becomes 106 pixels. Too big.

So what I want to know is what anyone recommends for sizing when you're going to rotate an image, without losing quality.

I thought about cropping my image a bit outside of what I want in the end, resizing it to about 105 px and then rotating, so that when I cut it'll get down to where I want. I don't know if that makes sense or is a silly idea.

Anyway, I'm sure I could be less lazy and try all these thigns out on my own, but I could've sworn someone talked about rotated icons once. So I thought I'd ask.
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Photoshop 7 Question

I know this is probably going to sound stupid, but usually when I'm working with PS7, in particular the brushes, it seems that after a while the brush shape goes away and is replaced with a crosshair. Is there any way to get the brush silhouette back without restarting PS7? Because it's a pain especially when I'm dealing with multiple layers.
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Question: is there any way to save a colour I like in Photshop? I have this one really nice colour I want to use in the future, but other than writing down the code for it and keeping it stashed away on a piece of paper and eventually losing it, I have no idea how else I can do it.

Thanks for any help!


can anyone tell me where i can download the font trajan for free? i've been looking everywhere for it and none of my friends have it. or if anyone could email it to me i'd be you're friend forever :P