June 9th, 2004

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How to drag another picture to the background?

Maybe I'm such a fool *aplogetic bow* and i really did look through all the possible tutorials. But I could not find any thing which could answer my question *sigh*

sooo, pls forgive me if i post a question which might be easy for you, seasoned photoshoppers. but i'm quite new to photoshop, using Photoshop CS.

all right, i open a background, clean white. after decorating it with stamps all those, then i think i want to put a guy on this background. so i go open a picture of his.
then i try everything to get him onto the background. "select", "free transform". "copy and paste" dun seem to work for me. then i tried another layer with the background copy then tried all those the same things. but i can't. whyyyyyy is it ?? and pls tell me any possible solutions/methods?

thanks for your patience! gomen!
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font manager question (The Font Thing)

I'm not sure this question belongs here, but I've noticed that some of you have a couple of thousand fonts in your computers, and several use font managers. Please feel free to delete if inappropriate.

I had close to 1000 fonts in my Windows Fonts folder, and I'd read that this could slow the system down. So I took a couple of hundred out and placed them in a folder outside C:\WINDOWS. Now I'm using the font manager The Font Thing (it's just started working again yay), and am in the process of categorizing my fonts into collections (pixel fonts, serif, decorative, etc).

I was wondering, what's the difference between loading/unloading a collection, and installing/uninstalling a collection?

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Okay on the Userinfo page there is a button that I believe is suppose to be a gif but saves as a bitmap? when I save it as a bitmap it isn't animated. I would like to use this button for advertising this community but I wanted it because it was animated so can some one please help me out with getting this button animated to save to my image account?



Hello everyone!! Im a newbie here, well ive been lurking for awhile. My problem is basically everything lol. Icon wise. The only thing I know how to do is what you see of my Xtina icon which I know sucks.

I just want to learn how to make things move, simple little things like that. And that cool HP icon someone asked about borders? about it?

Thats an awesome icon.

So can anyone help me?
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Mini-movie questions

Hi, all. I've been reading through the mini-movie icon tutorials (which are excellent, by the way; you guys are really helpful) but I had a few questions that I didn't see addressed in any of the tutorials. (And my apologies if they were addressed and I just missed them.)

First, what's the easiest way to achieve a border? I know you can use a template or border each frame one by one, but there's got to be an easier way to make a more customized base. Perhaps just by creating a bordered space on the base itself? And in that case, how would you do that in PS? I'm unfamiliar with basic PS processes, as I usually make my bases in another program and then just tart them up in PS.

Secondly, it's been suggested to make the animation first and then crop and resize so that all the frames are the same size to avoid any jiggling. If you do that, can you then make contrast and other color adjustments to the animated image that will affect all the frames?

And finally, what's the standard for capping and frame duration when working with people? I've seen every fourth frame and 1/24th of a second duration suggested; would you recommend those?

Thanks, guys. I figured I'd ask the questions I knew I'd run into before I started so that I don't get too hung up along the way when I finally try this out. :)
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brush guides disappeared

I use psp8.
I'm trying to use a brush but the little outline thing that usually shows up (to give you an idea of where the brush is gonna show) is missing. I restarted psp8 and my computer and it's still missing. Can I get it back? (it's real useful)

EDIT!!!:: i figured it out. If this ever happens (because, I still don't know why it happened) just access the psp8 preferences (i use docking options under view) click the display and caching tab and click brush outlines