June 10th, 2004

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I've looked through all the fonts that I can find on websites and I've had no luck so I was wondering if any of you could tell me what the font is in this user pic?
It's the only font I've seen that is readable on pretty much any background.
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Organize Brushes PS


I have read either at v-brush or rebel heart about organizing your brushes into folders then uploading them to PS but how do you guys do it? I mean do you unzip brushes and place them in a folder titled with the site that you got them from? Or do you categorize them by 'type'? And after you have uploaded them and save them as a set of abr files where do you place the zip files and un zipped abr files?

I hope this make sense. I am really terrible at organization and always like to hear pointers. So Please give me some suggestions.


Keyword question

I know this is an extremely basic question, but I am a complete newbie at this, so please forgive me.

I see in many people's posts the phrase "credit in keywords" and I have uploaded a couple of icons, so I know where LJ asks for keywords to index the icon by. I assume you put the maker's username in the keyword section. However, I got two icons from the same guy, and when I tried to put his username in the second icon's keywords, LJ told me that I had already used that keyword and couldn't do it again.

How do you give credit if you take more than one icon from the same person?

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How To Use The Memories

I'm writing this post as a detailed guide on how best to use the memories of this community. It's not in reaction to any particular recent set of events, it's because I want to be able to archive it specifically and link it in the User Info. Cheers.

1.) Pick a category.

Entries may be listed in up to five categories. Try to think about your problem in a variety of ways. If you're having trouble optimizing an animation in Image Ready, for example, try, "Image Ready," "animation," and "saving icons." Also, the "Full Icon Tutorials" are extremely useful because they cover all kinds of effects in the middle, often with screen captures of the graphics program in question.

2.) Pick a keyword to search.

There are a lot of memories, and you need to be able to look through the keywords quickly. So if you're looking for instructions on making patterns in PSP7, then go to the "Paint Shop Pro" category and look for the word, "pattern."

Your browser has a search function that can help you with this. On a Windows machine it's ctrl+F; on a Mac it's apple+F. Yes, the hundreds of memories in the PS or PSP sections may be daunting, but if you hit ctrl+F and type in, "pattern," it'll take you right to each title on that page that has that word.

Bear in mind that you may need to think of additional ways to describe your issue. For example, memories discussing frames that jump around in mini-movie animations often have the term "jitter" in their description, but some have "shaky" and some have "jumpy." Try them all. Images that are mostly black and white but have a single object colored are described as "Greyscale," "black and white," or "b/w." I could write an infinite list of synonyms, because the English language is just like that. So be aware that the way you describe something may not be listed, but that doesn't mean the problem's not.

3.) Once you have found a post, read its comments!

Nine times out of ten, a post is archived because of the comments, not because of the original post! Read through all the comments. That's where the information is likely to be, and likely to be clearest.

4.) Be creative and use your brain.

The Memories are like a big, specialized research library. I am happy and honored to function as a librarian, but you still have to do some of the work yourself. If someone in the community says, "there are seven tutorials on outlining text under the 'text-related' category of the memories," then go look for them, don't say, "show me one" or, "I didn't find any."

5.) And finally, a warning about icon-making in general.

It's a skill, and that means that it's something that has to be learned over time and practiced. If you're heading into this community or into the memories looking for the holy grail of icon tutorials, you're not going to find it, because the best way to learn is to experiment. However, if you have a specific problem or question, or need a feature explained, then this is the place for you. :)

If you find something in the memories that cannot be accessed, that has been erased, that you think is mis-categorized, or that has some other kind of problem, feel free to contact me either through this post, in my own journal, or through the contact info on my profile.

Also, if you have any suggestions for more tips and tricks for using the memories, based on your own experience, feel free to comment.

Thank you!

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Loading brushes en masse in PS7

I've searched the memories and can't really find anything on this. I posted it in response to a related post, but it's really a separate question, so here we are :)

Is there a way load a whole folder full of brush files at once? If, for example, I have a folder with 10 to 15 .abr files titled "Borders," is there a way to do a mass load, or do I have to load the files one by one?


I'm totally sorry. I've found a couple tutorials...but I'm so basic it's sad.

I need a tutorial on basic animation for photoshop 7.0 that tells me, literally, how to do /everything/. Every single thing. Like, if you're telling me to put everything into their own frames...then how do I do that? Where on the menu?

Yick. I'm so...numb. It's not really easy for me to figure out, and I want to learn more, now. :)
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So, it seems as though all of my icons end up having the same effects. Not because I like them; but because I really don't know of any others that look good.

pinwheel checkerd wipe this sort of wipe-ish thing

Does anyone have any suggestions about other background effects?

Oh, and about text; to make it look like it's glowing () how do you do that?
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1st post

OK, I have been to the memories and looked into the blinds/lines entries which is what I'm stuck on, and the answer wasn't there so I hope this is ok to ask!

How do I do diagonal blinds? Do I need a brush to do that? When I do the blinds effect and then rotate the lines just go all blurry and stuff.


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Okay.. everytime I download brushes, when I open the folder, it says "The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted". And it doesn't matter where I download them from, it still says it. I didn't have that problem (I was unzipping all my brush folders so I could use them), up until a few minutes ago. What's wrong!??!

help :X

hey can anyone help me out? im trying to save my own gradients...and im seriously confused. when i tried to save one once with the foreground and bg colors they go to the new foreground and bg colors..please help!