June 12th, 2004



Hi,I have the bases for icons and I need help putting text on them.Is there a program I need to download to do so? I've heard paint programs suck,so,I need to learn how to make my icons look pro-like.

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I switched from PSP to PS about 4-5 months ago, and I'm much more than satisfied:) PS rocks, period.
I have merely touched IR since then, though.. anyone who used Jasc's AnimationShop knows how *painfully* simple it is.. IR literally killed me, I gave up after 2 or 3 times I tried it (tried = sat for 2 hrs trying to figure out how the hell can I add a frame, why what I do affects ALL the frames I miraculously created in such a pain, smashing the keyboard and turning the computer off in the end ;)) :( Now, I don't really make a lot of animated stuff anyway, be it icons, buttons, whatever, but I was wondering, how long did it take you to get used to that damn program?

Please tell me I'm not just a highly unique moron :/
Are there any 'general' tutorials for IR, i.e., not explaining how to create this and that, but concerning the general usage of it?
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Q on memories section

Hi I'm pretty new to the community & even newer in regards to icons & my psp8. I'd love to learn & need to read/study the memory section, but the memory file section isn't working. Seems to be happening throughout LJ though. I couldn't even access my own memories for a while~~~ Does anyone know when this will be fixed?? Hate to ask annoying questions that memories would answer.

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animated text-AS3

Since the memories are down, I was wondering what suggestions you guys would have for animating text. I usually like to put nice and long quotes on my icons and have to use different frames for different lines or I just use scrolling. But lately I've gotten terribly bored with those (plus the different frames isnt as cool when it's the same picture) so I was wondering what other effects I could use for long quotes that are in Animation Shop 3.

Also, a niggling question, is it possible to download more pre-made text effects for animation ship? (or is everything done using filters and such)

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I hope this applies here :

I'm trying to find the font "Carpenter" for free--anyone know where I can get it? I've checked the usual spots but you have to pay for them. Any tips on where I can find it?

Many thanks :o)