June 13th, 2004

first question =)

hey guys,
i have a question that probably has a super simple answer. but it's only my second day making icons :/
i'm using psp8, and i'm having trouble with my brushes. it seems as though simply clicking with my mouse (ie. a stamping effect) isn't working. the only way to use my brushes is to drag them, holding the mouse, across the canvas.
and it's looking all ugly and blurry and not right :(

i'm sorry if this is the dumbest question ever asked in this community.
you can even make me a certificate =)
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Memories down, stupid question follows...

Okay, I just got Adobe Photoshop and I have NO idea how to make an animation with two different pictures. Everytime I got to try and create an animation, i can only use the same image. Is there a good website, cause I've been to a million, since I don't expect someone to take time to give me a step-by-step guide on how to do this. I want to make a transition between different images, and I can't figure out how.
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(no subject)

I use psp8 and every little click up in my menubars and palatte bars seems to move something. currently the menu bar and simple task bar are hidden as if psp8 suddenly decided my screen is bigger than it is. a) is there an easy way to get them back to normal, like a reset bars button? and b) is it possible to permanently dock your bars?
it drives me wild being in the middle of an icon and suddenly losing my undo button and have to guess where it would normally be.
Magical Castle

Font Organization

I know I have seen this posted before, and I'm sure if the memories worked I would be able to find it there as well, but here is my question...

What is the best way to organize your fonts, and how can you install and uninstall as needed?

I've got a bunch already, and have an itch to get some more, but as I've read it can slow down your computer etc.

Thanks guys! You are super helpful, and hopefully I'll be able to answer some questions for others
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(no subject)

I HAVE A Quick question. Im usin Adobe image ready to try to do animations...But i cant figure out how to use two or more pictures to make them flash from one to the other. can I use this program to do this?If so, can anyone help me out?Thanks,

(no subject)

I have a question. I use Photoshop 6.0, and I'm trying to put brushes BEHIND my main picture. So, how would I do it if I wanted a grid behind my main picture, but the grid is so large that it goes over the picture?

Thanks ^^