June 14th, 2004

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I have literally been trying to figure this out for hours.. I really didn't want to have to ask, but all I can find are PSP7 tutorials..

How do u get custom brushes into ur brush thing in PSP8? I hope that question made sense..
kuzco D:

When the color's too bright...

I hope this question is specific enough. I've had this sort of issue before, and usually ended up just giving up on the icon and starting a totally different one.

i wanted to use this certain picture for an icon, so i made this base so far:

Except for adjusting the levels a little bit (which made his face brighter, and didn't change the background too much) and sharpening, I didn't do anything to the image yet. However you can see that the background color is REALLY bright. I think it looks pretty bad, and I don't really know how I can make it look better.

Using a dark blue exclusion layer just makes it really yellow and gross. Lately, another technique that I've started to really like is Pin Light, but I can't get that to look right either. Does anyone have any tips that might help out in this case?
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schroder and snoopy

icon optimization

i figured this is probably in the memories but since they're still down and who knows when they'll be back up i figured it was okay to ask.

i just made an icon that i want to optimize because it's too large for lj and i reduced it all the way in animation shop and it still wasn't low enough. do you use any programs to reduce your icon file sizes or any other things that might work? thanks so much!

an alternative to memories

everyone has been thrown into such confusion because there are no memories but there is an alternative. if you go to the journal archives (calender). there's a list of recent months. on the header next to the month, theres a "subjects" link. on the drop menu there should be the subject lines. it's not as well organized as the memories are but it is a way to generally browse.

but i hope they fix this bug soon