June 19th, 2004

beat of my heart

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(icon by blaklily)

I've looked at the memories and just cannot for the life of me figure out how to get that background affect with brushes. I've tried opening 3 different transperant images and using 3 different brushes in different colours and then putting them all together. I've done that with both 50% opacity which looked crap because you couldn't see colours of the details clearly, and with full opacity it still didn't look right. If someone could help me out from scratch how to make that kind of icon I would adore you!

(the flashing light part doesn't really interest me as much because I'm ok at animations, it's just getting the brushes to look like that)

*I use paintshop pro 8*

(no subject)

::waves:: I've been using PSP 8 for a while now but recently I don't know what happened exactly but now my selection, freehand selection, and magic want function simply refuses to work. When I try to select an area, it just selects a larger area which is totally wrong. :( If anyone can tell me if my settings are off or any way to fix this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. ;)