June 20th, 2004


Okay I dont know what this is called. But I have two questions.

How do you get the background to flash like this:

and how do you get the boarder like that?

Thank you =D
If there is already a tut about it, just link me to it, dont wanna make you have to explain, I just dont know what it is called, Thanks!

Trouble saving animated icon

Okay, I have a pretty good icon animated icon and I'm having trouble saving. I'm using Imageready 3.0 and I click on 'Save optomized as' and the only formats that it will let me save with is 'Images Only *.png', 'HTML only *.html', 'HTML and Images *.HTML'. Am I doing something wrong or is some weird problem that no one understands?

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Text Problems in P7

I'm trying to put text on an icon in Adobe Photoshop 7, but nothing shows up. Like it's see through, but I checked EVERYTHING I know of, and nothing works. It's not the Opacity or Resolution, those are fine. I just don't understand what the problem is, and I'm getting really frustrated. Please help!
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I have a question that I can't quite figure out the answer to on my own.

There is an icon here that seems overlaid with a really pretty pinkish colour. I can't seem to replicate that effect, even when I use the 'screen' blending option. Does anyone know how I could achieve that look? Thanks, guys.

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EDIT: Meh. I forgot to mention I use PSP7, which may or may not have been evident, considering I x-posted to a PSP community. Oops. :D
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Help again, please.
I want to make icons with outlined fonts. I use PSP 8 and Ulead Gif Animator 5. But now matter what I do, the fonts looks a bit blurry after I save the pic (not only the outlined fonts, the others, too). I tried saving it in different formats. No matter if I use neon or already outlined fonts. So my fonts look like this:

Titel oder Beschreibung

but I want them to look like this

Titel oder Beschreibung

Anyone know what I do wrong?

(credit for the second pic goes to Hermy).
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Make a brush? "make" I say

Ok I've read up on how to install brushes and use them etc. I've looked closely at all the tutorials that I thought could help me.....Creating brushes, etc. Even found one that said I can make them on PS Elements, which is what I have. But I didn't find anything on how to actually "make" one. As in from the beginning.........new file, blah, blah blah. I need specifics. ~laughs~ For instance........Can you use a screen cap to make a brush? Can you make them in other sizes besides 100 x100? Does anyone have a step by step program.....er....tutorial on how to do this? I need some hand holding please.

BTW, I recommend that everyone look through the archived tutorials. I learned some really cool stuff and saved some tuts in my favorite places so I could go right to them.
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ok, so i was doing ok with text with the spacing and everything. and then, i don't know what setting i changed [if i ever did. maybe in my sleep..] but now the spacing between the lines of text is really big. i originally thought that was called leading but it's still huge when i set leading to 0. then i thought it was kerning [though i thought that was between the letters] but the big space doesnt go away when i set kerning to 0.
how do i fix this

i use psp8