June 21st, 2004

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I found some gradients and downloaded them...when I installed them, I realized they weren't grouped like the preset gradients for PS. How can I "group" the new gradients so they're not loose (per se)?

Did I explain that right?
  • elisia

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can someone help me. i'm tryin to make a border in photoshop 7 but i can't. i'm sorry i read the memories but it doesn't help. i open a picture but i dont know what to do from there can someone help please.
Ed Norton

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Quick question for anyone using Photoshop 7.
How do I load ALL of my brushes at once? Like in the preset manager I can only load in one at a time, and it doesn't let me highlight all of them or shift click to select a bunch. There's got to be an easy way to get them all in at once? Thanks.
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  • iamsab

managing brushes

Hey, do you know how to reorganize/reorder brushes in PS7? I've got stacks of brushes loaded and I wish I could organize them, maybe into folders? Or at the very least, reorder them so I can group 'em by favorites? Help very much appreciated.