June 22nd, 2004

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I read the comments, but I couldn't find anything concerning my topic, so....
I was wondering how you get the rainbow effect, but moving across something, like

[really sorry I couldn't provide a picture =\]

It's a smooth transition, so it's not blinky or fading into the next color. It's already a rainbow, and the colors are moving.

If you can help, I really appreciate it!
[and owe you a very big thank you =D]

[oh.. um hm fuckingxcute_ /end shameless promo]


I've looked through the memories and really can't find anything like this...

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to achieve the colorization effect in this icon:

((by gypsyboots))

I've been messing around with it for a while, but to no avail.

Help with a blend

Well, seeing as you're all so wonderful with these things I was wondering if anyone could help me? I use Photoshop 6 and I was wondering if any of you have any clue on how to get rid of those lines that appear after you blend a couple pictures. Collapse )

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