June 23rd, 2004

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Sorry if this is in the memories but I'm not in the mood to search seeing as I've been downloading fonts since 7am.

Anyhoo. Could anyone tell me where to find the Hannibal Lecter(sp?) font? any help would be appreciated cause I love that font.

I used to have it but when I restored my computer it got lost.
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Magic Wand Anyone?

I checked the Memories...

Well I dont have a magic wand.

I have no idea where it is. I just got PSP8. Well I downloaded it off a download site, to try it out. And Im looking at my tool bar and I dont have a magic wand. Do I have to add it to the tool bar? If I do how do I add it?

Thanks so much to anyone.
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it happens to everybody

Full Icon Tutorial for PS7

This is a bit long and it has lots of pictures, but I thought I'd finally play my part around here and give you this tutorial because I accidentally managed to make an effect that I thought was pretty, well, cool. It's up to you to decide if it really is that.

Here's the icon we're gonna be making.

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In this icon (made by me, just like, 15 minutes ago), I really don't like how the text is all uneven. I want it to be set on the line, but smooth, instead of bumpy. Is there any way to achieve that in PSP 7? Thanks!

And also, is there another way that I can get the text to be readable without having a layer of a box of color (as in the same icon) behind it? Thanks!

(Sorry if this is in the memories and I overlooked it.)