June 24th, 2004

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Converting images to gradients?

Okay, I've searched literally *everywhere* in these memories, and there's no place that answers my question, so... Is it at all possible to convert images to gradients? Or maybe this is a better question: Why won't my PSP8 download certain .GRD files?? The gradients I'm trying to get are by crumblingwalls, in this entry. My PSP help thing says that it will take .GRD files, so why won't it take these?!

Argh. Seriously, I'm usually *very* competent when it comes to PSP, but when I'm not, it REALLY aggravates me.
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howdy folks

I've begun working on a PSP tutorial section on my web-domain[s] recently. These tutorials include both very basic (as in how to crop & resize) and more advanced techniques/skills. The tutorials are for PSP 8, Animation Shop 3 and PowerDVD. If you have any suggestions for more tutorial ideas, lemme know. :)

The tutorials that are currently available:

Cropping and resizing images for lj icons.
TV scanlines.
Creating a simple animation.

Main menu page of tutorials. [clickie]

[link back to the main site] [link back to icon stuff]


Animated Movie icons

I am using Imageready 7.0 and am trying to figure out how to make a mini-movie. I open my video file and import it 'from beginning to end'. Then when the animation bar shows up, there is only one photo. How do I make it so I can actually play the file. Even when I export the file as .gif, it still an image and not a movie file.

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