June 27th, 2004

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Full icon tutorial: Aging effects through layers; PS7

I was specifically asked to make a tutorial for these, and since nobody's ever asked for a specific tutorial from me before, I couldn't resist. (Flattery will, indeed, get you everywhere. *grin*)

This tutorial was made in Photoshop 7, and should be more or less applicable in any version of PS5+. Do not ask my about PSP, because I do not use PSP and do not know how PSP works and cannot answer you. The tutorial is graphics intensive. I haven't gone into as much detail on the really basic steps as I usually might, but I have included a labeled screenshot of the PS7 desktop, and if you need more description on any of the steps I'll be happy to explain. :)

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Does anyone have any idea why I can't open video files in animation shop (the one that comes with psp6). I've tried dragging the video files into the programmes, using the open/browse folder in the programme, and the animation wizard but it keeps saying it's not supported! If anyone can help I'd be so thankful!
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kuzco D:

Keyboard shortcut gone wrong

I hope no one minds my asking this here, but I was using Photoshop 7 and suddenly something changed. When I have the brush tool selected and hold down the Alt key, i can use the eyedropper to select a foreground color. But all of a sudden, it started putting the new color in the background instead of the foreground color. My status bar still says "Click to select new foreground color" when I have the Alt key held down, too.

Anyways, a long time ago it used to frustrate me when the brush tool became a crosshair and it took me ages to figure out that it happens when I have caps lock selected. (I don't right now.) Someone posted about that earlier here and I thought maybe this would help someone else out too? Hopefully. Anyways if someone could help me out that'd be great.

EDIT: I just had the eyedropper tool selected now, and it still does that. I don't know what's wrong, but I could sure use some help here! *cries* This is odd, has anyone else had this happen? If I hold down the alt key with the eyedropper tool selected, I can select a new foreground color, but it's supposed to be the other way around!
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ImageReady Question

Checked the memories and I couldn't find what I was looking for. So, I know it's possible to extract frames from a movie on AS3. My question is, is this also possible on IR? Because I've tried VirtuaDub and couldn't get it to work. Thanks.
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