July 3rd, 2004

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PSP Layers/Screen Problem

I was wondering if anyone could help me with a little issue I have. When I go to use the Layer/Screen tool, it wipes out my layer entirely except for where the brush below it is (I hope that makes sense). I have checked my Opacity and Group and these don't seem to be the issues. Is there anyway I can fix this so it doesn't wipe out almost my entire layer?

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Help! Major Text Problem

This is making me so frustrated. I opened one of my psd files, and suddenly, when I try to make a text layer, the text is itsy-bitsy tiny. I'll change the size to 72, and it is still tiny. Why is this happening? And then when I open a new file and create a text layer, font size elven is huge! Can anyone help me with this?
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Yay! I just finished an icon tutorial that was requested by _a_beautifulday. It's for this icon...

...and is for PSP8 users, although I don't think it'll be too hard to convert to PS. You should have a basic knowledge of PSP8 to do this, but feel free to ask any questions if you don't! :)

( Seek and ye shall find... )

Guys, feel free to ask me for any other tutorials that you'd like to see of my icons! It's usually not that hard to make them, if I save the file as a .pspimage, which I do for most of my icons that aren't animated. Also, I'd love to take requests for icons, too! Preferably LotR or HP, but if you're desperate, I'm here for you. :D Go here to request an icon.
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(no subject)

hi, i was wondering if someone could give a tutorial on fonts. err... placement and such. i'm not quite sure how to get the small font affect with the times new roman fonts and such, especially with drop shadow and stuff. so if anyone understands where i'm coming from, could i get some help? (oh, i have psp7) thanks so much! :D
dw» 11» fezzes are cool

(no subject)

Wow, I've been busy... Two icon tutorials in the same day! :D That was fun!

This tutorial is for this icon, and was requested by sleepall_day.

You should have a basic knowledge of PSP8 to do this; but if you don't, feel free to ask questions!! :D

Warning! This tutorial has lots of layers (and steps and pictures) in it!!

( Seek and you shall find... MORE! ;) )
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