July 4th, 2004


I have PSP8 and I want to resize and image to 100x80. What do I do? Do I use Pixel Resize, Smart Size, do I lock the aspect ratio? Can anyone help me with this?
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Panning icons with text...

_jems_ posted a tutorial a reallly long time ago on how to do a panning icon.. and I'm trying to follow it.. I've gotten to the text part and that's where she loses me. All I want is text that follows the pan. I have no idea how to do this. I'm confused. I'm not sure if you use 7 seperate icon images or what. I mean, I have 7 images to pan to. I just need to add the text.

This is the tutorial:


Any ideas on how to make the text pan with the icon?
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Tutorial Request

I love this community..lately I have been trying out all the icon tutorials, and I am learning a lot. But my biggest problem is layers, and blend modes. I love using them, it's not that I'm "afraid" to...but I dont UNDERSTAND them...so all the icon tut's i copy...the icons come out great, but I have no idea HOW I actually got there. Can someone just explain to me what the blend modes actually DO? ( I use psp7 btw) Maybe if I understood what effect they great or what they can do, it will help me, because I have the ideas in my head for what I want an icon to look like, i just don't know how to get there :)

I've been through the memories a couple of times and don't think I found something that would answer this, but if it's there and I missed it, I apologize.
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(no subject)

I'm having a bit of trouble with something. I've followed the tutorials for outlining text in PSP, but every time I try it, my text always comes out really blurry looking, like it's too crunched together, and I'm not sure how to fix it. :\

(no subject)

Ok, I looked in the Memories for how to upload brushes that are meant for PS into PSP, but now I face another dilema. On most brushes, when I go File>>Import>>Custom Brushes, and I click add, select my file and click Add All or w/e, a popup comes up and says: C:/Documents and Setting/Amanda/Desktop/Amanda/Brushes/brush_name.abr is a newer format version and is unsupported.

How can I fix it?
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BASIC PS7 tutorial on blending modes

Woo! First tutorial. Am using PS7, for your info. Feedback is much appreciated. :)

It started with a plea from britishboys mod ktwhoopi announcing Daniel Radcliffe as the British Boy for July. "Could someone please make a Daniel icon for the comm. Just has to have a pic of him, with 'Daniel' 'July Boy' or something to that effect. Post them in the comments."

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Font ID?

Terribly sorry if this had already been answeared, but can someone tell me what font has been used to create the text in this icon?

(icon (c) grownupnerd, I think.)

Thanks in advance (and apologys, if question has been asked already.)