July 5th, 2004

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i could've sworn that i saw a post about this the other day, maybe i was seeing things =-\

basically here's my problem...whenever i use a screencap or a large picture to make my base icon, by the time i'm done editing the icon and ready to put the text on, it turns around and the font is so tiny i can barely see it...i usually use redensek size 10pt. and its perfect...but even at size 72pt you still can't see it...i usually fix it the ghetto way and just expand it by 500% both ways, but i know there's some way around it...any help?

i use ps 6 by the by.
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somehow my layers pallette thing is locked and im not able to use anything in layers. i just got PS6 so im totally clueless and don't know how to unlock it. i was also wondering how u make transparent lines going across an icon. EDiTsorry! i have one more question! whenever i try to resize a pic to 100x100 it doesn't let me. it resizes to 70x70 or something. the width is at 100 px, the height is at 100 px and the resolution is 72. is was working for me earlier. thanx! <333

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I have 3 different questions.

1) I found this icon in hp_icons...i'm not sure who exactly made it so sorry! I wanted to know how they achived the dreamy almost tie dyed look. If you could explain it to me i'd really appreicate it. heres the icon:

2) how do you make icons move like in this one:

3) How do you make the text move like this one:

cant seem to hold on (©collapsingnight)

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I'm sorry if this isn't where I'm suppose to ask but it does deal with Photoshop (7.0) and I know a lot of people here are well-experienced with Photoshop.

I've downloaded photoshop brushes and loaded them. Then the next time I open photoshop, all of the brushes are no where to be found.

Is it possible that I loaded to many brushes?
I don't know. Hopefully someone does know.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance.
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Icon Tutorial

Hmm. I decided that I wanted to do a tutorial. So I did one. ^_^

It's for this icon; , and Photoshop 7.0, although I'd imagine it translates into PSP easily enough. :)

And you can find it Collapse )

And there you have it, a finished icon, and a finished tutorial. Phew, that took a long time. I hope it's useful to sombebody, at least. ^_^
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How could you make an icon like this:

It would make sense for me to use the stroke function, and set it to 'shape burst', and just rotate the colors around. But I can't get it to work right.

I'm using Photoshop 7, btw.
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PS CS Brush Question

Photoshop 7 Question
I know this is probably going to sound stupid, but usually when I'm working with PS7, in particular the brushes, it seems that after a while the brush shape goes away and is replaced with a crosshair. Is there any way to get the brush silhouette back without restarting PS7? ----> I found this in the memories but it does not really answer the problem i have now. I am using Photoshop CS.

Like the question asked, I got the crosshair thingie instead of the brush shape. Photoshop and all brushes was actually working fine. The icon borders brushes were all fine till I installed some new brushes. I was testing the brushes out and they were working fine like big and nice initially then the brush shape suddenly changed to the cross hair... then all the brushes stamps become SO SMALL., even the icon borders. I don't know what is happening. I must have done something to Photoshop for this to happen. Please help me. I wanna my brushs back to normal. ><

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